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AceCamp Equipment

AceCamp Equipment
660 Evans Avenue
Vancouver BC
Booth: 837

Company Description:

Complex gears and tools, crafted survival techniques, in all environments, and developed by human culture that lasted thousands of years. Nature has brought us continued life and renewal, with no beginning and end, just like the day and night, spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

It is our great honor to live under the West-Coast dense forest, counting the Douglas-Fir pinecones, and rubbing against the smooth Western Hemlock. British Columbia rainforest is home to thousands of native wildlife species and a rich beautiful natural paradise full of secret micro-climate waiting to be explored. It is the forest that inspired us to design the quality gear that last.

Today we are always in search of quality gears and tools for us to go out to the natural playground and play. Our equipment will serve your purpose, your next expedition, and your adventure.


Five Year Exhibitor