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Go Mindspire Inc
Vancouver BC
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Company Description:

At Go Mindspire Inc, we offer Breakthrough Coaching programs to help people to successfully reach their optimal health, wealth and happiness goals! This is a true wholistic approach to reaching your greatest potential!

When you learn to harness the power of the unconscious mind, there are no limits to greatness!

We start with Mindset training using NLP and Time Line Therapy techniques and Hypnotherapy to help you release self limiting beliefs and unresolved negative emotions that holding you back. We then breakdown your current patterns, and programs and strategies you use that are no longer serving you. Then we install new ones that work toward a compelling new future!

We also offer all our clients a free community support group that has loads of access to resources and on-going accountability!

Find your true magnificence! Oh and our results are teed in writing!

Show Specials:

Free online 10 minute Brain Fit sessions for attendees! Come by and sign up! Limited spots available! And our breakthrough coaching programs will be significantly reduced! *(Note: very few spots at this discounted price).

New Products

Several new coaching packages available at a significantly reduced cost! Limited spots available!

Certifications & Awards

B.H.K., B.Ed., Board Certified Trainer of NLP. Master Hypnotherapist, Master Time Line Therapist, Master NLP Result Coach

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