Inbox Booths

Inbox Booths
228 West 5th Avenue
Vancouver BC
Booth: 433

Company Description:

As business owners, we’ve seen firsthand how the wrong workspace can stifle creativity and halt collaboration. Distracting noise. Interrupted meetings. Zero privacy.

While our business boomed and our office bustled, we noticed that our team’s productivity—and morale—were taking a nosedive.

When your team (and biggest investment) doesn’t have the space to do their best work, that becomes your number one problem to solve.

We knew that we needed to create meeting rooms that support every type of working style—from the quiet-seeking focus roles and the social, connection-driven ones, too.

The problem? Every soundproof booth on the market would take months to arrive. And we couldn’t grin and bear it that long. So we designed the modular meeting rooms we couldn’t find anywhere else.

As you look for innovative ways to accommodate hybrid work and bring focus to your office, we’d be honored to be part of your journey.

Show Specials:

15% off when you order within the first 30 days of the Home Show. Quantity discounts available for bulk orders.

New Products

Feel at home anywhere with our coziest soundproof office pod. Find quiet and focus—even in a tiny, shared apartment or a big, open floor plan. Available in two contemporary grey hues, Tuesday home pod fits into any interior style.

Certifications & Awards

ISO 14067: 2018 Greenhouse Gases ISO 14001: Responsible Manufacturing ASTM 084: Flame Spread Rating (US) CSA/ULC-S102: Flame Spread Rating (Canada) Engineered Seismic Bracing: Earthquake safe ASTM E336-07: Acoustic Testing GB/T 18883: TVOC Indoor Air Qual


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