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The Canadian media Company is known for connecting Canadians to all things home. NextHome is an integrated media company with trusted digital and print real estate and home solutions with more than 35 years of experience and big brand power, we’re leading the real estate media revolution as mixed media advocates.

NextHome brands have the ‘best of the best coverage in the categories of new home; new condo; rental; adult lifestyle; resale; design, decor and renovation; consumer and trade directories; and in all content home and industry-related titles. The industry’s best editors working together to inform and educate readers about builders and developers, renovators, industry experts and important real estate and home-related and essential ‘what’s next’ content.

Access to weekly email blasts and newsletter takeovers to reach an engaged consumer via our huge, combined database. Exclusive content, social media expertise, a brand-new website that connects the consumer through relevant listing data, demographics, neighbourhood information and real estate news.

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RENO+DECOR Publications: National and Winnipeg Editions, six times/year. Canada's Home Idea Book: serving Vancouver, Calgary/Edmonton, Winnipeg and Greater Toronto.

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Award-winning editorial writers and for-the-home publications

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