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NZ Builders Ltd

NZ Builders Ltd
P.O. Box 53016
Victoria BC
Booth: 213


Company Description:

General Contractor: NZ Builders Ltd.
Product: Monolith Systems

Tilt-up construction is a proven system in which insulated concrete wall panels are cast on-site and ‘tilted’ into position using cranes. This results in a complete concrete wall system with interior and exterior concrete for the wall, which replaces conventional wall construction from drywall to exterior cladding such as precast and concrete blocks, and is also more cost-effective.

Monolith Systems was founded on the principle that there is a more durable and efficient way to build homes in the Pacific Northwest. We have perfected a “smart wall system” that takes care of all the common problems we foresee for the future and daily.

Our company mission is to connect architects, designers, builders, and homeowners looking to build unique and elegant homes that they can enjoy for generations. Monolith Systems’ CIP technology has been featured in some of the most architecturally stunning homes on Vancouver Island and surrounding areas.

NZ Builders is a general contracting company located on Vancouver Island, with a team of innovative carpenters from around the world who bring unique and collaborative expertise to each project.

New Products

Monolith Systems by NZ Builders, Architectural, Insulated, Concrete, Wall Systems.

Certifications & Awards

2014 Care Awards Gold “Green Builder of the Year” – Small Volume “Best Home Design” “Best Master Suite under 500 sq. ft”. SILVER “Green Builder of the Year” – Small Volume “Best Home Design” “Best Master Suite under 500 sq. ft”.

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