9 Home Gym Ideas to get you started on your next home gym project

Jan 24, 2023, 16:00 PM
Split screen of Biracial woman wearing black workout clothing meditating in plant room on carpet in front of orange plaid couch on left and bright white plant room on hardwood floor on right


You’ve decided to undertake a new home design project: building a home gym. Congratulations. You’ve made all the important considerations and want to get started. Here are some of our favourite tips and home gym ideas for your next project – no matter your budget.

1. Consider a treadmill nook - you don’t need a lot of space to fit one and you can utilize space that might normally just be left unused.

Black treadmill in narrow nook in green hallway

2. Try a hybrid workspace – no room for a dedicated home gym? Combine your home office or bedroom with a small workout area to repurpose a space where you are unlikely to get in the way of other things.

Bedroom home gym on brown checkered carpet

3. Make quadrants within your home workout space. Have a stretching/yoga corner, a machine or cardio corner, a free weight corner and a HIIT area.

Bright yellow exercise equipment and pilates ball and punching bag in home gym with bright blue wall and hardwood plank floor


4. Repurpose a bar cart for a mobile free weight rack that can move with you.

5. Install mirrors on the wall so you can check your form and make sure you aren’t injuring yourself when you work out in your home gym.

Heterosexual Asian couple sitting on brown carpet on floor doing yoga facing each other in front of mirror next to large green plant

6. Mount on walls, if possible, to save space. Building racks and shelving help you to keep the floor clear so your home workout is undisturbed by clutter.

split screen of home closet shelving covered in workout equipment against black wall on left. On right, woman tying pink laces on black workout shoes sitting on floor with exercise band hanging on wall beside yoga mat

7. Leave room for fun – incorporating activities like hopscotch, ping pong, Bocce Ball, or bowling, are great ways to do something physical, while having fun. And it won’t feel like a home workout.

Two young boys wearing red tshirts exercising punching at punching ball having fun

8. As you build your gym, add a wall organizer to keep track of your progress or a chalkboard wall to write out your routine to help you stay motivated.

Home wall chalkboard with design on it

9. Store equipment and accessories in an outdoor shed if your home gym happens to be in your backyard, to protect it from the elements.

Backyard white and grey shed on bright green grass

Whether you’re looking for a contractor to help you renovate an entire room, or home accessories to turn your space into a perfect home gym, visit us at a nearby show for inspiration, shopping, or to talk to a pro. Marketplace Events produces some of the longest-running home shows across North America, connecting enthusiasts with experts, products, and services in dynamic face-to-face environments.