Sponsor Spotlight: RenovationFind

Sep 8, 2023, 20:29 PM

We're thrilled to have RenovationFind as a sponsor of the 2023 Vancouver Fall Home Show. Before you visit this inventive company at the Vancouver Convention Centre over the September 28-October 1 weekend, please enjoy our brief interview with the RenovationFind team below.


Q. How does your service work?

RenovationFind.com is a directory of renovation companies, home improvement contractors, and tradespeople who have all been meticulously screened and certified. To earn our RenovationFind Certification, these companies have had to provide us with proof of insurance, valid business licenses, and workers' coverage. On top of that, they've gone through rigorous financial and legal background checks conducted by a third-party organization to ensure they consistently meet our high standards.

We also offer these companies a range of digital marketing services to help them boost their online presence, get more leads, and build trust with homeowners. Those services include social media marketing, blog posts, email campaigns, search engine optimization, and other digital marketing strategies.

RenovationFind Certified logo

Q. What can we expect from you at the Vancouver Fall Home Show?

We'll have a booth at the Vancouver Fall Home Show and look forward to chatting with people about their home projects. When you swing by our booth and sign up for a RenovationFind Membership, we will enter you into a draw for a chance to win $1,000. Plus, your membership gives you access to exclusive promotions and discounts from our partner companies in Vancouver.

We're also offering a cool feature at our booth called "Post a Project." It's as simple as filling out a form with your project details. Then, we'll send that information to three RenovationFind Certified companies specializing in the work you need. So, let's say you need to replace your roof this fall. We'll connect you with the three best roofers in Vancouver who can help. These companies will reach out to you for more info and give you an estimate for your project.


Q. What advice can you offer homeowners?

Our best advice to homeowners is to do your research! Don't rely solely on online reviews when picking a contractor. Sometimes, those reviews can be misleading or even fake. Instead, do your homework on established companies in Vancouver. Ensure they have a legitimate business license, WCB coverage, and liability insurance. Always get estimates and contracts in writing with all the project details to avoid surprises.

And here's a big one—before you hire any company, take the time to check their references. Talk to previous customers, ask plenty of questions, and get a feel for what it's like to work with them.


What inspires your services?

We want to protect homeowners and promote reliable companies. Our motivation comes from all those horror stories we've heard about homeowners getting ripped off by shady contractors. Those stories usually end with poor-quality work, unfinished projects, and a whole lot of financial stress. We wanted to change that by connecting homeowners with trustworthy, honest, and top-notch companies.

RenovationFind is all about making home renovations less stressful for homeowners and improving the industry's overall reputation.


Q. Any success stories you'd like to share?

We've had some great experiences talking to homeowners and collecting feedback through surveys. We've found through that data that homeowners are looking for trustworthiness and quality when choosing a company for their projects. And they've told us they've found that with the companies listed on RenovationFind.com. Whether they needed a fence contractor, landscape designer, roofer, insulation specialist, custom cabinet maker, or even Vancouver's best general contractors, they've found reliable companies for their projects on our platform.

The companies we work with have seen real growth, too, thanks to our digital marketing services. They've noticed increased web traffic, a stronger online presence, and more leads and can build a trustworthy brand with homeowners—a big deal in this industry.



Q. What's your favourite part of the Vancouver Fall Home Show?

Our favourite part is chatting with homeowners and hearing about their plans for their homes. We love helping them connect with reliable and high-quality contractors for their projects. It's a win-win because homeowners get great service and work while our RenovationFind Certified companies get the promotion and business.


Q. What can people expect when they work with you?

When you head to RenovationFind.com, you'll discover a curated selection of trustworthy, experienced, and reputable home improvement companies, tradespeople, and contractors. Our listings cover a wide range of categories, from concrete experts to siding specialists, basement developers, kitchen remodelers, the best home addition companies in Vancouver, and many more.

When you sign up for a RenovationFind Membership, whether online or at our booth during the Vancouver Fall Home Show, you'll unlock exclusive promotions and discounts from our partner companies in Vancouver.

And if you're a renovation or home improvement company looking to grow through new marketing opportunities, we can help. Our online and digital marketing services can amp up your web traffic, generate more leads, and enhance your brand as a company homeowners can trust.