RenovationFind takes the guesswork out of hiring trustworthy home improvement companies

Sep 15, 2023, 17:25 PM

We’ve all heard the horror stories. A contractor doesn’t complete renovations after the homeowner has paid in full, does shoddy work, or takes a deposit and disappears. You may have also heard of contractors who quote a specific price and then provide a final bill with extra charges that don’t add up. It’s unfortunate, but homeowners do find themselves in these situations. It is stressful and often leaves homeowners with a financial burden.

Research is essential when hiring a company to work in your home. They must have a proven track record for quality products, excellent customer service, and reliable, ethical business practices. How can you ensure the contractors working in your home are trustworthy contractors?

Fortunately, a free resource helps homeowners find experienced, quality, and trustworthy home improvement companies. RenovationFind shares more about how they can help you connect with a reliable and ethical contractor for your home improvement project.


Hire a RenovationFind Certified company.

When planning a renovation, like a basement remodel, you want to look for the best basement renovation companies in Vancouver. The question is, where do you look? A quick Google search will give you a list of companies, but there is still a lot of homework to do before you start agreeing to contracts.’s free online directory of rigorously vetted and certified home improvement companies will put your mind at ease. RenovationFind Certified companies have shown proof of business licensing, insurance, and worker coverage. In addition, RenovationFind uses a third party to conduct legal and financial background checks. That means their contractors are in good financial positions and have no legal complaints filed against them.

In addition, that third party continues to monitor the companies to ensure compliance with their standards. Companies that are members in good standing with the Better Business Bureau receive a higher rating on the website.

“We have worked in the renovation industry for many years and grew tired of all those awful stories about bad contractors ripping off and taking advantage of homeowners. We created RenovationFind, a data-driven website, to connect homeowners with quality and reliable contractors for their projects, ensuring a positive experience for everyone,” said Keith Riley, Founder and CEO of RenovationFind.


Post a Project for free project estimates.

With RenovationFind’s Post a Project feature, hiring a contractor you can trust has never been easier. To begin, fill out the form with your project details. Then, RenovationFind will send your project details to three highly reputable, relevant companies in your area. For example, if you want to do a backyard makeover, RenovationFind will send your project details to three of the best landscaping companies in Vancouver. These companies will then contact you to learn more about your project and offer quotes.

This way, you can learn about these companies knowing the complete background checks. Then, you can compare estimates and ask for in-person references while feeling confident these companies are known for quality work and customer service.

Take the stress out!

 Home renovations can be a stressful experience. So much planning is involved, and they are a significant financial investment. On top of this, homeowners want minimal disruption to their daily home lives and achieve outstanding results.

All this pressure and work can make the home renovation process a less-than-enjoyable experience. It is supposed to be fun and exciting! That all starts with finding the right contractor for the job. You want to find a company you click with, with open communication, transparency, and expertise in their field. Once you have the company or contractor on your team, you’ll feel much better.

Choosing RenovationFind Certified companies will take the stress away. Whether you want to find a great contractor for a bathroom renovation or the best custom home builders in Vancouver, RenovationFind has got you covered! Their third-party monitors stay on top of reviews and background checks, so you don’t have to. 

When you hire a RenovationFind Certified home improvement company, you’re hiring a company you can trust.